The pursuit of Happiness

Recently watched this great movie The pursuit of Happines Starring Will Smith and his son.

This movie is based on the true Life story of Chris Gardener who faced a tough time personally and professionally bringing up his son and holding on to his job.You can click here for the movie details.

Why I felt it relevant to mention in this blog is that one can learn a lot from the fighting spirit displayed by Chris in real life.His acceptance of the situation and just going ahead and giving whatever he has got. He has faced tremendous challenges in life to go on and achieve his current standing.

Coming from a poor background, being abused as a child, a black to top it all and he goes on to succeed in a Leading Brokerage firm – the very pundits of Finance.

In our search for the right job and while building a career in a good or bad economy – we might have to face a lot of challenges.Not every time will there be a reward at the end of performance, but one just has to keep slogging – giving it the best to be able to come out successfully.We go through life assuming that if we do this much we we are entitled to so much of earnings or incentives etc.But, real life is so different. Sometimes the rewards just dry up and that is when nature seperates the men from the boys & the women from the girls.So, Prepare yourself there are going to be tough times.

Definitely watch the film – its a huge inspiration.


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