Equipment Sales A candidate who is having all of 6 months exp came and met me last week. The reason – career advice.

Perhaps he found some of my earlier advice useful(given over an year ago) and decided to revisit me.

For the past 6 months he has been working in an MNC dealing with niche Industrial Equipment. You might not have heard of this company as its a total unknown for anyone outside this niche.

This candidate was drawing an average salary but had a good Job profile, especially for someone who was just starting his career. Why I say good because – for one it is very close to his core area which is engineering and the other it involves handling 2 states. So in 2 ways he is going to have immense learning options –
1. Technical Selling( Product Knowledge)
2. Geographical Client profile for the industry he sells to.

That is the way I looked at it & advised him as much.

He sounded convinced and promised to continue in the same firm for atleast 2 years.

Still he faces other temptations. SAP. Now I don’t have anything against SAP. Its a good avenue to check out and your career you can go a long way and your job profile maybe such that you get to interact with a more “attractive lot ” of people as against the grime coated lot found in the factories and manufacturing facilities.

But is that all. Does’nt doing a good job in selling quality Engineering products take you up the Maslow’s Pyramid. Yes one key difference would be the hype will not be there. Your market value in courting a Bride might be less. Your parents may not feel as proud to talk about your Company as perhaps if you were in an IT firm.

But for how long.

I come across so many candidates who after 2-3 years experience in decent firms leave and start a career in SAP SAP or some other ERP. No doubt a few manage to show some implementations and get into good firms. But a lot more perish.

The gainers are the so called training institutes who don’t seem to be answerable.

I wish there were some way to sound off the candidates who are planning to jump into SAP or some such short term courses which promise extravagant earnings.Instead why not do a course which adds value to your existing line. Interpersonnel skills , Team working skills , Presentation skills.

Perhaps I will have a seperate post for that.


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