Of Baritones and Hoppings

One of my candidate possibles whom I was doing a preliminary interest check responded with a low Baritone. It sounded like a RP record going on LP or maybe two speeds less. Was not sure if the baritone was delibrate – some guys do this jsut to make their voice sound more attractive or whatever. But , this fella was taking it a bit to far or … too low to be precise.

any lower and he would choked — urgggggggg …… . sorry for the break.

Infact i kept forming images of his choking up in the middle of his talk.

I am working on a senior position and one of the candidates lined up has a history of hops. In his 10 year career he has hopped as many times some legitimate reasons and others perhaps purely of out of curioisity.
Now, as I discussed the position with him – he mentioned as much and I like a good Recruiter I am – told him not to worry and put his best foot forward.

So he agreed and went for the interview. As expected the question came up and – he replied in all sincerity that – ” That was the toughest question he faced in all the interviews and he did not have an answer for that” .

Well the interviewer laughed and the danger was he passed. He got shortlisted for the final round.

There are so many instances where we are afraid to take the next step wondering some great misfortune, loss of face or whatever. If we just take the next small step – the situation takes care of itself.

Reminds me of another friend who has been a good client for close to 5 years now.

He has had a decent stint in his current firm but could have done better if he had made a few moves and gained experience in other firms.

Its not as if he doesnt want to move – its just that when the time comes for attending an interview he comes up with n number of excuses – to get out of the assignment. this has happened a few times. And no amount of coaxing seems to work.

If we dont do some experimentation in the early stages it would be very difficult when you are on the other side of 35.


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