The Sales Pitch

The importance of a Sales Pitch can never be over estimated.

In recruitment a refined sales pitch is very important to get the best talent interested in the position what you have on offer.

Have an outline

Before discussing a position with a prospective candidate prepare an outline of what you are going to talk. Just as in a Sales pitch an outline like this can be followed :

Tell your candidate what you are going to tell them

Tell him.

Tell him what you told him. ( Rephrase )

Be enthusiastic

However tough your day may have been – save some enthusiasm for displaying to the candidate.
Enthusiasm can be infectious – show that you are passionate about the opening.

Don’t talk too fast

Remember the candidate is hearing it for the first time. Too fast and he might loose you completely. Besides – fast talking is a sign of nervousness.

Be honest

If you dont know an answer be honest and say that you don’t.Similarly dont paint a rosy picture if there are going to be obstacles.


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