Getting Credit

BLACKWHITELOGOMAY08copyHas it it ever happened to you – that you go all out and put in your best efforts and then – there is no credit for that. Leave alone somebody else taking the credit – the work itself is dumped.

I am sure quite few of us have been through that path.

Well, a similar thing happened with us here today.

A new client called us yesterday evening and gave us a mandate – saying it was very urgent and he wanted profiles by tomorrow afternoon.

So first thing this morning we started work on the same – the position was somewhat difficult – not many candidates available – yet we spoke to some 20 odd candidates and managed to send 3 profiles. The entire first half spent on that.

In a matter of minutes the client reverted – telling us not to send profiles from Naukri / Monster as he is also accessing the same. ( The profiles were from Naukri)

Now the question is if the profiles were available to him why didnt he speak to these candidates? Here we spend the time and effort shortlisting the candidates calling them up – checking their interest – all for naught.

How does one explain this to these people. Naukri has thousands of resumes – does that mean the candidate is interested in your job/available for interview ?


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