Celebration time

head hunter
head hunter

finally “pp” joined. after making us wait for 6 months – a senior candidate joined.

Persistence pays. In this case it was persistence on the part of the client who gave him repeated extensions and tolerated his childish behavior bordering on imbecility. For instance his inability to broach the topic of relieving letter with his boss.

For 60 days he gave a date of joining and repeatedly confirmed that everything is smooth he would join on the said date . But did not turn up. He called up to inform that he was unable to procure his relieving letter.

When the client agreed to waive the reliving letter clause he still refused to join stating it wont look good for a person with his experience to join without it.

After another 45 day extension he finally made it to the clients office.

Along the way he got a verbal thrashing from – yours truly – which resulted in a complete communication breakdown. Now we were totally out of the picture and the last stretch was covered by the client and him.

That calls for celebration – a small party at T Time .


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