Why people change jobs?

Career Enhancement ?
Career Enhancement ?
Why do people working in such good companies have to change jobs ? this question was put to me by one of my staff as I explained a mandate to her.

My immediate rejoinder to that was – it is because they do that, we are in business.

But as I thought about it I felt this question deserved some deliberation. The answers to which can go a long way in influence our approach to candidate queries and decisions perhaps even the job satisfaction levels of candidates we have placed.

For instance today as I spoke to a candidate for the position of a Confidential secretary – she mentioned that the reason she was looking for a change was her current company was very small compared to the
large corporate for which she was working earlier. She was not able to adjust and was feeling very suffocated.
So even though this firm which was just 10minutes from her home and paid well she was willing to move to a bigger firm where travel would take atleast an hour each way – just to get over this feeling of suffocation.

Perhaps broadly we could say that the reason why people change jobs are :

1. It does’nt feel good .
This would be a culture issue – wherein the person might not feel ok with the culture of the place. Firms have their own culture and certain cultures dont match. So a person moving between such companies might in some cases be not able to adjust.

2. Difficult Boss
This is perhaps the most oft quoted reason for changing jobs. Being unable to get along with the boss. Since this is purely an issue of working styles and interpersonnel skills – in quite a few cases the employee himself mite be to blame for a sour relationship. But lets leave that for another post.

3. Compensation One would expect this to be the number one reason for job change and deep inside I still feel that this is the main reason for changing but in all the surveys worth their Q’s speak about this being the very last reason. Why so ? Maybe no body wants to accept that they are materialistic. Or maybe its just not the done thing.
Infact candidates are groomed to respond in a polished way to the question – Why do you want to change jobs ? by mentioning reasons like career enhancement and stuff… If a candidate replies that the only reason he is looking for a change is for salary then his ranking goes down, unless if he isnt altogether dropped.

So there we have a few broad reasons for why people change jobs. Offcourse these are other than the reasons that fall under the force majeure clause. Hubby on transfer , getting married , weather not suiting – i get this reason in a few cases where people people want to move out of bangalore.

The list can go on there could be many other different reasons – what do say ?


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