The importance of informing

Bearer of Bad News
How important is it to inform the candidate that he has been dropped.

While working on a senior position we lined up a few candidates of which 2 got shortlisted and went through multiple rounds of face to face and telephonic interviews. After many such interactions with senior professionals at the clients end one of the candidates who happened to be very confident post the final interview – got dropped. After dallying a while I decided to inform the candidate.

He took it gamely and thanked me for keeping him informed.

But, anyday I would have avoided informing him because – who wants to be associated with disappointing or bad news. No one wants to be a bad news messenger.

Still i am not sure how he might take it – and how much of his anger might be directed at me.After all, you do feel a trifle frustrated when a thing you cherish and are sure of getting is taken away from you.

So there, being a bad news bearer is an intrinsic part of the business that i am in. But, every time when such moments arise – I wish I had been in a different place.

Cartoon credits – go to cartoonstock for making available such apt cartyoons for every topic.

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