Networked Recruiting in 2010

Positions have increased they are serious positions and we are in that continuous struggle to find the right candidates.

There is talk on the street that job boards are passé – that, 2010 will see the advent of pure networked recruitment. I am not a great prophesier but yes networking will start making a greater impact. It is so easy to get in touch with people and stay in touch while keeping them updated about developments in your sphere – what with status updation tools and the all present Twitter – very easy to pick up on whats happening in the lives of your Network partners.
Guess new protocols and subcultures will develop as we move on in these lines. Akin to Mobile etiquettes which developed as the mobile usage spread.

Still meaningful networking in this highly networked and getting still more networked world will not be simple. Coz ultimately all the networking tools and social sites rely on the individuals who man them.

They do not exist in a parallel universe. Its not as if “online” is a separate planet. It is just us. So once the layers of tools, and the gizmos they operate on are removed – one finds the “self” – the human beings – and the way they function aren’t going to change any drastically in the near future.

So a good networker offline is going to be successful as a good networker online in due course – the two merge. He/she might take some time getting used to the tools. Vice versa a successful networker online who doesn’t transfer it into the real world might not go far.

Perhaps 2010 will take us further towards the merge.

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