Farmville to the Daily Farm

From Farmville to the Daily Farm

I was a regular Farmville player till a while ago. I really enjoyed the sending and receiving of gifts and initially the various aspects of farming the plowing, sowing and harvesting cycle was quite fun. Overtime it became a bit of a chore – and for the past month or so now i have hardly plowed and the gifts are all stacked up waiting to be used or sold as the case maybe.( I intend to continue again )

All this sowing and reaping has helped in developing the habit of doing daily chores else your patiently plowed, and sowed crops wither away.

I have tried to transfer my skills at plowing and sowing by developing a daily farm chores list . The original idea for it came from chrisbrogan and his farmers list. Now the reason why I got hooked to Farmville (though for short duration) was my sympathy for the farmers and for the farming profession. To let you in on a secret – someday I am going to do just that – farming – get a few acres and throw in a tractor and plow and off to get my hands real dirty. But that is still some way off – especially with the way the value of agricultural land is rising. I digress. Back to Farmville.

So, as Chris says – “Farmers are quite down to earth types – they live by the season and worry about the yield and what is most importmant think in conservative terms about whats going to work”. These basic tenets can be applied to any field – so why not to the business of running a recruitment firm – which is what I do. Hence I started off with my farm chores list – here my Firm is the Farm and I have come up with a list of things that I need to do daily if I want to see some real growth happening or to put in a mundane way – to increase the yield.

Now , we have been around as a Firm for 6 years and have seen some down and up and overall have survived fairly – so it bears asking the question why this new fad with farms and chores ?
As I mentioned earlier for us to see some big yield I have to introduce some real changes to the way we work. And change alone in a one off manner is not sufficient. It has to be continuous and it has to be ingrained in our habits. My dallying with change and tryiong out new ways to do has been going on for ever. But that has not translated into any real change in the way we work.

That is where the Farm list comes in . This list includes a few daily chores which I need to do to move the firm in a certain direction – to get a yield of certain kind. The results would only be visible over 6months or 1 year. But what I am banking on is that this slow changes will be absorbed by my entire team and that is when the firm as a whole changes.

Still way to go before we see any results and we are very early days into this.

Feel free to share your inputs.


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