Ask – the art of

Asking the right questions
While catching up with an old friend a batchmate from my graduation days a simple question threw me off kilter. I have always been postponing addition of manpower giving various reasons to myself like – too much of risk or we might not be able to increase the revenue proportionally. My friend asked a simple question- how long do you have to bear his( the new employee) cost – before he starts generating. Before he evens out the new investment.

Its not as if this question has never occurred to me – just that coming from a third person – when i am forced to justify my stand i found myself on slippery ground.

I cannot hide behind lame excuses of below par revenues if i am unwilling to take even routine risks. But coming back to the topic of this Blog – this insight came to me thanks to the question being asked.
I felt I could get deeper insights in to my business if only I opened myself questions and seriously tried to come up with answers. Just asking as a psrt of an excercise but not delving deep enough to come up with an answer will not fetch the insight that a genuine response might provide.

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