Scattered Thoughts

I was going thru my Little blue book. started it with all seriousness to jot down “to do” lists mentioning expected times to completion for each of the tasks listed. Left that habit after 2 attempts.

Yesterday somehow the thought flashed as to why not stand back from whatever I am doing and look at the next 5 minutes often. Have had reasonable amount of success doing so – but I would get measurable success only if I am able to do that for a month or more.

But why worry about that – I am getting measurable improvements now.

Another, thought just flashed which is – not to be too dependent on whether or not I will be able to achieve my goals. Makes Sense. The world will not stop if I dont achieve My Goals besides – but what is more important is that I am moving towards them with serious intent. Whats the point in wasting precious energy wondering about whether I will achieve or not – I guess thats is all that counts.

I was going through my little blue book and one of my jottings was to become a 10 % chrisbrogan. Chris is kind of my idol in all things related to networking and to a large extent whatever I do in my Professional Life.To be able to develop 10% of his skills in blogging,in creating and sharing online media and making oneself available to the audience in my case it would be the candidates. 10% would be a giant leap.

It would be good to achieve atleast a small amount of his capabilities in giving and sharing.

I guess to achieve what we intend to depends More than anything else on being able to achieve a frame of mind. Once that right frame is reached – you could do wonders. Problem is that it doesnt happen – the right frame of mind happens maybe once or twice a month maybe less.

Most times one has to run the show with a scattered bunch of thoughts.

I also realise that my focus is a lot more when I switch between the task at hand to an awareness of what I am doing and what I should be doing next. If I am able to do this exercise every once or twice in an hour I seem to be able to execute the tasks a lot more and better.

Does it make sense?


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