Blogging is not about perfection

boy bouncing a big blue ball - _MG_6996Blogging is not about perfection. Yesterday happened to read a post from Lance Haun – leading blogger in the HR space who spoke about perfection in Blogging.

What he effectively said was that if perfection was our goal we should’nt be blogging. Blogging is about bouncing thoughts over an audience , about sharing thoughts as they hit you. Most times these thoughts are half baked – atleast that is so in my case. And at times out right dumb. There are few of them which I havent bothered to share and they still lie as drafts. Maybe someday I will muster the guts to do that.

As a small business owner I find Blogging affords a invaluable medium in sharing ideas / thoughts which one misses out on – for not being part of a larger corporate -as in an office you might have people around you to discuss and bounce thoughts. Maybe I am wrong , but then you could correct me..

Photo Credit: Sean Dreilinger.


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