As recruiters the onus is on us to ensurse the candidates that we refer are above any blame. that they are not upto some mischief. That the data they have provided is true and can be taken at face value.

But on a day today basis can such a thing be accomplished. Our deadlines are such that – the focus can only be on ensuring the profiles suit the requirement.

Validation takes time. and to check the reference with his company HR can only be done after he has gone through a process of interviews and only offer is pending.

In such a scenario we found in our hands a candidate who had a series of interviews at different locations – the client spent a tidy some on his travel , boarding etc

He was offered and he gave a joining date – except that he was unable to come up with the resignation letter acceptance from his company. He delayed it for 2 days and on checking with his company – it turned out that he had left in Jan first week.

Actually now that I think about it – the offer would have gone through even if he had mentioned it during his interview . But he just kept coming up with falsehoods to maintain his original story.

Well the learning from this episode is that somewhere we need to introduce a validation check. How , at which point do we do that – we need to put some thought into it.

Doing a validation for all candidates doesnt make sense. Waiting for the last moment can leave us with egg on face.

Need to work it out.


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