Full Steam ahead

Full steam ahead
Reading “Full Steam Ahead ” by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner

I am half way through and from time to time I get the impression that Iam reading a Romantic novel.

From Vision / Mission , Values and Purpose the authors have suddenly dived into the family life of one of the protagonists.

I think the book can be used as plot for an Indian films. the speed with which the events happen the flash backs and forths. Well one hell of a movie it would be.

This lady seems to be solving problems at work and home at the drop of a hat. We could’ve named her Mary Poppins.

Mostly its a repackaging of the Vision stuff. Where it comes unstuck is it seems to crammed up. The events do not completely gel . Or lets say the movement from chapter to chapter is not a seamless / flowing movement. Very Jerky. interspersed with page long monologues.

Well after completing the book I feel its ok for a Vision/Goal refresher.. You can manage it with one or two sittings. Though sometimes the monologues make you jump pages. I did it a couple of times and came back later to finish it.

though one direct takeaway from the book is this idea of sending a message to the staff first thing in the morning. As Jim says it helps to focus our thoughts at the same time it s a good way to touch every one in the office. Well if you dont happen to be leading a team or a company this might not be for you. But , as member you can try sharing a quote or an article relevant to your business with your boss. I think he will thank you for it.


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