I am reading the Book “Lincoln on Leadership” by Donald T Philips a fast paced book which consolidates some of the sayings and stories of Lincoln and views it in the light of modern management concepts.

One of the passages was –
Throughout the war Lincoln concentrated on the distruction of Lee’s Army as opposed to the capture of the Confederate capital.

In other words throughout the 4-5 years that the war went on Lincoln was continuously egging his generals to engage the enemy and defeat them, rather than pursuing a grandiose objective of taking the capital. I am an amateur in this stuff, but I felt here is a key lesson for us , applicable for todays concepts of Goal setting.

While going after our goals we need to engage our key deterrents as well as our protagonists because both ultimately will take us to our goals. Generally what we find is that we set a grandiose and ambitious goal but when it comes to the engagement we dither , we hesitate. Just like many of Lincolns generals who went about gathering “impedimenta” instead of going for confrontations and engagements. Those who did so Lincoln gave them his complete support.

For a sales driven organisation the engagement has to be with the customers.By giving them delightful service , or being willing to lend a true ear when they have some complaints or when they are in trouble.
But, in our pursuit of our goals more often than not – we forget the fact that it is that very customer who is in trouble will take us to our goals if we are able to engage him and give him quality service. In our pursuit our focus seems to be on the goal just like we are taught but we miss the boat that will take us there. I am not sure if I out this in a correct manner.

More often than naught our sales driven culture takes our existing customers for granted, though we hear a lot of lip service to the contrary. But, mostly the people who are able continuously serve their clients in a most delightful manner come what may – it is they who go on to truly successful.


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