Interviewing- Build up your story

Build your story might appear like advice on spinning a yarn during the interview. Let me assure you it is anything but.

Some interviewers use a method called a single question interview. Here after the preliminaries a single question is asked which tries to peel of the layers in the candidate mask.

This question could be related to some particular accomplishment , or could relate to candidate expectations of his job or his like or dislikes regarding his current employment. Whatever be the question – the idea behind it is that it is general , and there are no right or wrong answers to this question.

As the candidate, which is “you”, get into the details of your job your expectations or accomplishments the interviewer probes with numerous follow up questions getting specific details and going deeper into the plot so to say.

This is where your ability to build your story gets tested. It is so crucial to be able to recall the details of the experience you went through in your job accomplishment. If you happen to have the habit of maintaining a journal – then these details stay more or less fresh forever.

But, if you don’t have this attribute then the best thing would be go through a thorough pre-interview preparation of jotting down all the details of your accomplishments , your role in the organisational achievements, the difficulties you faced, the challenges , the disappointments.

If you are able to take the interviewer through this entire ride , relive the experience with the interviewer so to say – then you will no doubt be able to build a bridge with the interviewer and influence his decision.

Mind you the story that you tell has to be a true story – based entirely on your experience at the job.

Once you are through with this process the interviewer will have clear cut evidence of your competence devoid of any gut feel and prejudices.

So, if you want to ace interviews one advice would be to develop the habit of maintaining a daily journal.



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