Lincolnisque Touch

” Contd..

I am not saying that this doesnt at all happen in modren day offices or that it stopped with Lincoln.But, what I am driving at is “employee engagement” is just a mere step or should we say a different term for treating the employee in a wholesome manner as an independent individual.
with their team members – “employee engagement” would be a given. Just like basic health and work atmosphere are a given in any modern organisation worth the name.

This does sound simple – infact too simple. No doubt about that.

It doesnt happen that way.

“Execution” is a different ball game all-together. We cant expect overnight ordinary souls to fluently execute the “lincolnisque traits”

But, that effectively would be true leadership.Being transparent in your dealing, upfront in your expectations, forgiving in the mistakes, giving enough leeway for the members to deliver.

Not an easy set of attributes for anyone to have. But, not something that cant be picked up by a serious bidder for Leadership.


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