Talent is Useless

Yesterday I was watching a video of a talk given by Harsha Bhogle in IIMA a few years ago. Wonderful talk, longish, but worth the time. Here is the complete video Part1 , Part2 .

He mentioned that Indians are big on glorifying Talent. And he was primarily talking about the Indian cricketers. Talented stars in India are feted till they get turned into arrogant Divas who make big dollars but no runs. ( He didnt say all this – it was my addition, its my blog yaar – come on)

Harsha went on to add that Talent or ability is useless. And he explains the reason , why it is useless. With Talent you to get an entry. So, you are talented and have got an entry into a club where everyone else is equally talented. What next ?

Can you survive on your talent / natural abilities alone.How far will your talent take you?

We see so many talented players and singers wallowing after one good outing with the bat or one good series or after one big performance. It gets into the head. Talent is useless if you cannot apply it to give value to your sport , your team or your audience.

And, it becomes difficult to apply your talent once arrogance makes its appearance. Its downhill from there.

So what will really help you in the long run? Whether in your career or life in achieving your goals realizing your dreams, or whatever , it has to be your attitude. Your work ethic.

If you have that in place – you have your life made. What ever life hands out to you , You will come out on top of it. You might not be booking your seat on Live television , but you would be clubbed under the heading of “achievers of excellence” by people in your field.


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