Offers- playing one against the other

A Polite rejection
A candidate who received an offer today tried to get his offer raised by disclosing his offered salary package from another offer as a bargaining point.

The client promptly stalled the negotiation process saying the already offered package was the best he can expect. Take it or leave it.

How would you handle such a situation. the Job market is abuzz. And pretty soon you might end up with a offer from one company with a few more interviews in the final stages.How do you handle the situation where in the employer of your choice hands you an offer which is much less than your highest offer.

There is a school of thought which says to play one offer against the other.

My advice would be to stay away from this playoff – just send a polite rejection letter – expressing inability to take up the offer.

Offcourse you can choose not take up this advice, but , the chances are that in your eagerness to playoff – even if you manage a better offer – you might have ruffled quite a few feathers. Which is an avoidable situation to be in while starting on a new job.

what do you think?


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