Career Change @ 40

Career Change

In this era of fast changing technology you never know when an entire sector might vanish. So it pays to be prepared for a time when you might have to face a career change decision.

This decision may be due to lack of opportunities in the current job or due to dissatisfaction with the current career. Either way it would be a difficult decision to take and execute.

A good place to start – on the road to career change , would be – to Take an inventory of your skills. Understand the skills you have , breaking them down to managerial and job oriented. This will make the task of listing out the transferable skills easier.

Pack of your ego. As a successful professional in your field you would be used to the trappings of success – but now when you are trying to enter a different line be willing to be given a not so respectful treatment. If you show your displeasure to this you might reduce your chances of becoming successful in this new track.

Be open for partime options , in the new field if they are available . You can look at every thing as a learning option.

Be very open to any opportunities that comes by. Dont be too eager to judge an opportunity and give it the bye. After 10-15 years in the industry we consider ourselves to be quick decision makers and sometimes when an opportunity comes which does’nt appear all that good we immediately raise the red flag.

Advisable, not to do that. Take time to look deeper into the opportunity – what new avenues it could open for you . Give it a 360 degree appraisal. You might never no what hidden values it may bring , unless you dig deeper.

Here are some links to a few midlife career change success stories.

Success story 1

22 career change success stories


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