Job shift

Job Change criteria
Yesterday I came across a candidate who after working in an MNC with excellent employee policies and growth – moved to a smaller firm. Now , after 4 months in this firm he is ruing the decision . To my question as to why he moved out of his earlier employer – he replied – that he had already spent 3 years in one firm thought it was time to make change.

You need not be like him.

You cant make job changes based on such silly criteria. Look at each job as a key passage in your career path – you need to put more thought into your moves.

In this period of multiple jobs and a buzzing job market it makes sense to sit down and lay down some criteria for taking up a job. This could include salary , location , type/size of company , local/MNC etc . Once you have have set this down in writing – when you get the next call from a recruiter – you would be in a good position to decide whether to go forward on the new opportunity or not.

These would be your basic benchmark against which you weigh your options – the non negotiables.

So basically you need to set out a list of criteria for making a job choice.

1. It makes sense to take a satellite shot of your current current job and position. Compare it with the options available. Because, the “grass is greener” mentality seems to be all pervasive. And there is this high associated with attending and acing interviews, that, the otherwise sober, sensible people doing wonderfully well in their current jobs go for a needless jump based on purely salary based criteria and end up ruing the decision a year or two down the line. Be aware about what you are letting go before taking the jump.

You need not stick around in your existing job -like wall paint – but give your current job the credit that is due, when you are planning a shift. Best would be not to take this decision alone. Include your family , a close friend or possibly your Mentor.
Well there are some who check with their current Boss while taking this decision to leave the company. Tough one that.

2. Once you have decided on changing your job give yourself a realistic time frame for making the change. Depending on your experience and level it could be anywhere from 2 to 6 months. You need not necessarily take the very first offer that falls in your lap.
Give yourself time so that you get the most suitable option.


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