Whose bucket did you fill today

Fill a Bucket
Fill a Bucket

How full is your bucket. While revisiting this book which sat forlorn on my book shelf, I landed on the chapter – shine a light on what is right. The book primarily likens each of us as carrying an invisible bucket. When this bucket gets filled we feel great. When it gets depleted we feel awful.

Shine the light when its right. During your day , while at work or at home, in your interactions with people you might come across instances wherein the other person might have done a job well , might have put extra effort in something , or you child might have taken an effort to study or your spouse might have made some new dish.

Acknowledge this act , with a word of praise or even an appreciative nod. You would have filled someone’s bucket.

& when someone else fills your bucket accept it with gratitude. Don’t brush it off. That way you would have filled that persons bucket in return.

link to a shortened version of How full is your Bucket


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