Frog and the Scorpion

Frog and the Scorpion
As I sat in my office one late evening trolling topics to Blog about I got a call from another recruiter – lets call him Karthik.

Karthick works for a well known search/recruitment firm and he called me to enquire about a senior sales position that I had advertised on a portal.

The conversation went on quite well. His earlier experience was in the same industry as had been advertised. But last 5 years he has been in recruitment.

Now no good firm worth its name will take a person from an entirely unrelated industry to head a key function like sales. And I told him as much.

He was quick to accept that. But, he added that he knew a few names of people in the same sector who might be good fits for the role. And, that he would be glad to share their names with me just to help and become friends. We chatted a bit about his current firm etc and well, I couldn’t help but chuckle at his simple approach & pitch. For a brief moment I thought of letting him know the detail he was after , which was the name of my client. After all this fellow sounded so genuine and trustworthy.

But, I decided against it.

Coz, I could never be sure.

Later as I was thinking about this whole episode I was Reminded of this story.
The story of the Scorpion and a Frog. Slightly longish has a nice moral 🙂

There was a frog about to cross a river, Just then a scorpion came along.

The scorpion asked if the Frog can allow him to jump on the Frog’s back and then they both could cross the river.

But the Frog said – not possible – . You are a scorpion . You sting Frogs and if I let you on my back you will sting me.

So the scorpion said – well thats not true. You are being stupid. I just want to cross the river and if i sting you while crossing then I will drown and die, because I cant swim. so, why would I do that.

The Frog thought it over and said Ok, Hop on.

So they started to cross the river and soon enough – the scorpion stings the frog.

The frog is dumb struck.

Now in their death throes gasping for breath as they went down for the last time – the frog managed to ask – why did you do that ? I am dying but so are you – why would you do that?

And the scorpion says – “because – I am a scorpion “.

Sometimes it makes sense to play safe. 🙂

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