Employee Engagement

Individual Employee Engagement
In his post this post on HR Executive Online Art Miller discusses the importance of Employee Engagement from the perspective of the employee. Perhaps the right place to begin.

What mostly happens nowadays is the HR with its time pressures and its own goals and targets just doesn’t have the time to get involved with every individual employee. The entire workforce is perceived as one huge mass having layers based on hierarchy – or some such demarcations.

In such a scenario individual employee engagement is just not possible. People being as they the HR might be able to engage their employees with whom they share a greater bonhomie. But, the level of engagement reduces outside of this immediate circle.

Besides, to what extent the entire HR team itself is engaged w.r.t to the vision and goals of the leadership – thats another factor a major in this engagement story.

So, we find that ensure 100% engagement of employees might never be achieved especially if we look at large organisations.

So its easy to see why the percentage of employees not engaged hovers at 40-50%.

And again this need not be a static number. An employee having a project deadline might be fully engaged – whereas a person in between projects might not be so, fully. That would mean, employee engagement is a constantly fluctuating index.

Perhaps we need to accept it as such and move on.

But what would be an acceptable level of engagement?


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