The Importance of Hobbies

Maggie on spring dress
In a workplace where most things are not in our control, most of the time – hobbies provide the necessary anchor, for our mind to involve in something that is to our liking and where we are free to control the outcome.

Typically in our quest for career fulfillment and hanging on to our dear jobs we forget some of our inner leanings.

There was a time while at school I used to involved passionately in match box label collecting and later to a lesser extent in stamp collecting.Now when I look back – the hobby gave me such a different perspectives which I never realised the importance off. Something which the school curriculum doesnt have the time or the desire for.

You could develop a anything into a hobby anything which you like to do. Whether it could be stamp collecting or match box label collection or pursuing a musical interest painting or anything which gets fully involved.

The problem that we career focussed people face is the problem of time. In the process of maintaining your office schedule and taking care of your family commitments – you might end up with very little time to pursue your passions.

But, in these hectic and chaotic times it is so important to have our corner of peace or how do you put it – “your space” probably just to stay sane.

Hobbies have a direct output to our life. It gives you a very good conversation topic in case you happen to be the reticent type. Its so easy to talk about your passions , rather than about your job. When people rave about their wonderful jobs they are likely to come across as boorish. You need not have to do that. Just explain in detail how you concocted that new recipe and you might have a great conversation going.

Besides if your are passionate about something , anything whatever it might, it brings excitement into your life , and gets you meaningfully engaged. This is reflected in your speech and attiutude.

And, we all know šŸ™‚ how important it is to have that right attitude to get the desired altitude.

Photo Credits: Flickr/Blue Nest


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