Freelance or a Swordsman?

Suwon Martial Arts Performance Suwon South Korea Ssang soo do style or long sword style.

Ever wondered how the word Freelance came about. Nowadays you might even be familiar with “elance” – a site which provides projects to bidders or job workers online.

It has an interesting root.

In the medieval ages men had very few career choices . And, there was no clear demarcation as such.A farmer in the off season might be fighting under the banner of his knight and once the battle got over- he went back to his farming.

So most of these medeival age men in Europe and even elsewhere if they were even reasonably fit spent a few prime years of their fighting- before they settled down. Crusades was a major employer of these able bodied men. Most young men fought under various legions and banners – for the crusades.

But, once the crusades were won these legions got disbanded. That left a lot of well trained and experienced young men with no war to fight and no army to begin with. So they were called – You guessed it right – they were called the Freelances.

In due course the term Freelance evolved to its current meaning which is – someone not under contract for regular work – but, whose services are sold to individual buyers.

When and how this came about can possibly be the topic for another post.


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