Interview Mistakes – 2

Dream Job Yesterday I posted about a typical mistake that candidates make, that of not building up their story.

Continuing on similar lines I would like to mention here the pitfalls of having the mindset of a Job Searcher.

To start with, How about dropping this “searcher” mentality. See, you might be searching for a job for “n” different reasons. Could be, you are unhappy with your current job, unhappy with the job location, unhappy with your pay, unhappy with your designation or some such reason. But, no firm wants to give you a job because you are unhappy.

They are not in this for benevolent considerations or out of philanthropy. If they were they would’nt be advertising , throwing good money on News paper ads or online ads and forking out the Recruiter search fees. They want to hire you so that you would come up with Solutions for their problems.

So, first you need to shift from being a “searcher” to being a “provider”. A provider of solutions, someone who can help the company achieve its goals. And its not just about the company, its also about the people in the firm.The person recruiting you wants to recruit an equal a colleague,a peer, somebody who can fit in and make a difference

A major problem with this searcher mentality is you end up dedicating a large percentage of your vocabulary on “your” needs, “I want…”, ” I need.. ” , “I am looking for… ”
and in the process forget about the employers requirements.By using such language you come across as desperate. And, who would want a desperate soul in their midst?

Coming across as a “Solution provider ” would involve extensive work on your part to change your approach and your vocabulary.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your employer and then bringing out your capacities to trouble shoot , and solve problems that the employer might want solving – that would make you come across as a consultant , someone worth hiring.

photo credits: career hub

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