Eureka Forbes

Blow Clean

Today I was meeting an old friend who started his career in Eureka Forbes.

We went onto discussing how this company has helped in shaping so many sales careers across organisations. It was surprising that when I googled for articles on Eureka Forbes about the only useful one was found on wikipedia.
No other place could I come across any info praising this firm.

There have been many candidates with whom I have interacted who after spending a period of 1 0r 2 years went on to excel in their Sales career. Wonder how come they did not package this expertise into sales skills development and sell it as a Training course.

The Best part of the early stint at Eureka is that it sensitizes you to facing rejections and still moving ahead to making your calls.

Wonder which other firm does it so well. At one point Xerox used to be known for its sales force – and candidates from the front line were prized by many other segments.Not sure if that is the case anymore.


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