Distributed Control

Learning from Birds
I have sometimes been amazed by the birds flapping away tirelessly, high above, mostly in a classic V formation. Every once in a while the Lead bird moves back and another one takes its place. This goes on-the Rotation of Lead roles, in this flying formation .

Apparently there is a lot of science behind this formation flying.And , a number of lessons in Management as the post mentions.

My thoughts were centered around the fact that – there is no direct control exerted by the leader bird or birds when they lead. Apparently they follow some very simple rules
1. Fly in the same direction as the Lead bird –
2. Fly at the same speed
3. try not to bump into anything

This would broadly fall under the category of distributed control.

This again has applications in Leadership/Management.

In this style of Leading – Each person is responsible for his own actions-as long as he follows certain broad guidelines – and has bought into the Leaders/organisations Goals.
Best way to ensure this would be if the Leader is able to buy-in to the goals of the team. That way everyone would be flapping in the same direction.

Infact it would be one way to ensure high levels of employee engagement.

But, knowing the complexities involved – it would be easier said than done.

Who said Leadership is easy?

Credits:Coach yourself @work

Photo Credits: Hub Pages/Ashish Chaddha


2 thoughts on “Distributed Control

  1. hello,
    its really great to know something new. as iam also from management background its give me grat interest to comment on leadership.

    leaders always take care of one thing i.e they care of motivation.

    great leader like shivaji maharaj is good examle of these kind.

    to keep motivated each and every member of team they dont feel underestimate to give chance to followers to take greater responsibilities.

    interest is the key factor of every work. and it comes not only by doing routine work but by implementing change and getting more challenges. same thing is followed by birds.



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