Differentiate your Assets

Get Picked
Now that sure sounds like something straight out of the Financial Management course at MBA. But, it has nothing to do with Finance and everything to do with your assets.

Your assets as in “the skills” you bring to the table.

Just listing out your assets might not be a sufficient catch – it might just got through one ear and come out through the next. A recruiter would have heard the same assets listed out by so many other candidates – that the words stop registering. These assets do not add any more value to you.

So now you have a problem. Here you are having slogged your back side off to develop your skill sets ( assets) and suddenly – you face a wall – wherein every one else too seems to have the same set of “assets”.

This is where some “Branding fundas” help.

You would definitely be knowing about “Product differentiation” . Now lets move on to Asset differentiation – Your assets. To make the discussion of your experience richer and unique – you need to prepare some asset statements.

These asset statements tell the prospective employer – how you can add value , give examples of how you have done so in the past and how you can do the same more effectively than the competition.

Simple solution. That leaves us with the problem of developing these statements.

Lets do that tomorrow.


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