Standing out from the Crowd

Odd One Out #1Developing Asset Statements

Lets continue from where we left yesterday. Developing the asset statements.

We need to undertake a small thought provoking exercise to develop the asset statements.

To start with you need to answer these 4 simple questions-

1. What is the Job requirement?

2. What skills/assets do I have that help me to meet this need?

3. How would I use these assets to the employer’s benefit?

4. Can I site examples from my experience to prove my capability?

The first question is simple and involves getting in-depth with the Job description. There‘s no other way. If you happen to know someone in the target company, a friend or a friends friend, use that contact to get some more details about the job. We all know, what is written, in Job Ad can convey only 50-60 % of what is required. These other inputs can turn out be very useful. You could even pick the brains of your friendly neighborhood Recruiter-and get some insight.

Now, once you have a reasonable clarity about the job – the next stage would involve a game of mix and match. Your assets would be a mix of skills, domain expertise and personal attributes. One or more of your assets might fulfill an employers need. This process might be tedious if done alone. Best would be discuss it out with a friend.You would be amazed at discovering skills you never thought you had. An Added plus would be the surge of confidence you feel after such an exercise – It goes a long way making the search process more fun.

The next step would be to come up with some specific instances where you can bring direct benefit to the employer. For example you could say something like – “With my existing contacts from I could double the sales in Bangalore and Hosur region over the next year and the remaining territories in the coming years”. That would be painting a clear picture

Last step involves giving examples about where you have solved problems, achieved goals and overcome challenges. Suppose you have missed your last years target by a mile- ruing over the loss will not be of any help. Especially not during the interview. Instead if you can come up with examples of sales you made orders you clinched amidst the tough competition – that would set you apart from other candidates.

photo:Lord Bullgod/Flickr


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