Interview – Having Multiple Irons

Cast Iron Heads On FireMore on the lines of Interviewing fundas – this one touches on your psyche.

Interview is essentially a meeting of people in a business setting. So most the factors that play during a social interaction also have an important part here.

Focusing on the content, which is, what questions to expect etc is important, but, doing so to the exclusion of everything else is likely to backfire.

It is normal to be nervous before an interview,but, the key is to not to let the nervousness overwhelm you. Now this is easier said than done. But, one simple way to minimize this nervous attack is to not let too much be at stake. Have multiple irons in the fire or ” dont put all eggs in one basket” .

the interview is important but if you dont get through – it is not the end. Other doors will open up. The experience you gain in this interview can help you ni your performance in the next one.

That attitude will remove a lot of burden from your shoulders and leave you to perform better.

Having said that I would add that attitude – and how you appear to someone you are meeting for the first time – matters. Appearance does not only mean the dress – it means demeanour. If you are keen on the job,but, come across as desperate – that would not take you far. And, If you feel confident, but , come across as cocky – well again a thumbs down.

So you need to work towards achieving a balance. It starts with having the right attitude to start with and then adjusting to the situation as it pans out. they say interpersonal interactions are like a tango. Each persons movement is related to the partners move. If they are not in sync – it falls flat. Same here. You need to tune in to the mood in the interview room and adjust accordingly based on cues.

Balance is the key. So the more you are able to detach yourself from the end result the better it can be for your performance during the interview.

Sometimes the best interviews are those where you already have a job in hand but attend anyway. Your relaxed frame of mind – can drive up your chances. And, this approach can make a marked difference in your salary package. A person does negotiate better when he is feeling confident.

But, the flipside is a lot of candidates throw away good job offers by demanding atrocious raises. There are pitfalls everywhere. It helps to have a balanced approach always. Pre , during and post interview.


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