The right impression – Posture

The impression that you make leads the interviewer to make some assumptions about your level of integrity, social standing and even intelligence. What you do with your hands , how you carry yourself etc

There is enough literature about etiquette online, to fill a few hundred hard-drives. But, this topic it is so amorphous and in-spite of the available literature mostly misunderstood, overlooked or not given enough importance.

So, the next few posts 😦 will be dedicated to this over-used and often miss – spelled facet of the interviewing process.

You can use these posts as a referesher…



Well this is simple. You have to walk straight with your chin up. Shoulders back.
Now this gentleman displays just the right posture – don’t go for his face – he is very handsome no doubt. But, his posture is just right. Shoulders Not too back and yet not slouched. We need not come across as an Army General.

Next we will touch upon hands.


photo: obvious isn’t it – shutterstock. I am not sure how these fellows are going to respond.


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