Becoming a Superstar

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Tim Ferris in his recent post From CEO’s to Opera Singers talks about the superstar effect and comes up with an insightful corollary.

I suggest you visit this link. You can comeback to the post later.

Typically we find that even though the difference between the best and the 2nd best might
not be more the a tiny fraction the Best gets a disproportionate amount of fame and success to his credit. Thats why so much stress on winning.

Who is the fastest man on earth – Usain Bolt ( or Lightning bolt) and who is the 2nd fastest – no one name stands out.

That is the superstar effect.

To became a superstar one way would be to stay on the beaten track and work harder longer hours and get the plaque – of the very best.

The other option would be to slightly deviate from the beaten track. Take up work which need not necessarily form part of your official job description. Or take up some company project purely out of interest rather than for any direct quarterly gains. Become an expert in that domain. You will get greater visibility and you would have taken your first steps on the superstar trail.


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