Handling your References

Lake Michigan? Nope a Pothole!Recently we had an instance where an excellent candidate cleared all technical rounds and was on his way to an offer except that he flunked the Reference Check.

His written offer was contingent on a detailed reference check to be done by an independent firm.

One of the earlier firms where he had worked gave the feedback that though he was good technically he was prone to absenteeism. On further scrutiny it turned out that he was down with typhoid and had been off for close to a month.

This negative feedback could have been avoided if he had taken a moment to connect with his earlier employer and informed them about the impending reference check. A few polite calls could have eased off any bad will if some such had existed on the part of the employer. This was 2 years back and an employer who realizes he is a good candidate would have easily overlooked the absence.

Ab pachtaye hoth kya jab chidiya chug gayi kheth

Invariably as a policy no company likes to give a bad reference. So any small misunderstandings or goof ups can be managed with some little tact and humility.

So, take the trouble to do that so that you don’t have some needless shadows falling on your future job prospects.

Especially while starting your career you tend to make thoughtless errors on the interpersonal front. For some this is unavoidable as no educational Course prepares you for the dynamics of the workplace. Mistakes are bound to happen.

Set them right and move on. Letting grudges build up can lead to jarring potholes in your career path.

Photo: Live wmc/Flickr


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