Jobs as social outlets

100.000nodos, visualización de redes sociales [2] / 100.000nodes, visualization of social networks [2]For many people the Job is the only social outlet available. Atleast that is something better compared to not having anything. But, that raises a question . How much of a social interaction can you manage with the people working on similar jobs.

25-30 years ago the concept of jobs for life was very prevalent – especially if you look at public sector employment. Employees were entitled to company houses in colonies or mini townships. So in effect you worked and lived with the same set of people.

Now this concept is making a comeback with gated communities and mini townships which have offices , schools clubbed with other amenities inside one complex.I digress.

With the onset of social networking sites the era of the job as a social outlet is coming to a close. There is a lot of discussion going on about the loss in productivity due to the amount of time spent by employees on such sites – during work hours. But the evidence is to the contrary as this study shows.

Social networking has delimited jobs from being the sole social outlet for a lot of people.Though this trend towards online networking started 10-15 years ago with dial up connectivity and the availability of chatrooms – these had limited avenues for serious discussion.And the reach was primarily limited to the younger generation – the less than 30 crowd.

It is only now that with the availability of sophisticated networking sites which have their own community developed checks in place. A certain level of acceptable social interaction is ensured. These checks effectively help in developing a unique culture for the respective groups. Much like the formation of settlements and villages. Though this is still early stages for that to happen.

While we see the de-linking of the job as a social outlet, atleast for a fairly good section of the working population, we also see a growing trend towards the use of such tools.
with such active online networking good relationships would develop and that would lead to avenues for transfer of skillsets, of goods and exchange of revenues.

In a short while we might have entirely unique revenue streams developing purely based on initial online contacts and yes trust. No relationship can grow without trust.

But once these two are available in sufficient quantities we can hope to see companies being formed purely out of the interactions through this networks.

A Longshot? No not at all. We might see it happening within the next 5 years.

The process might have already started

Photo credits: Flickr/Bestiario


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