Entrepreneur revisited

Wyoming Entrepreneur
Being called an entrepreneur does’nt go down well with many people. Off-course there is a large crowd out there over eager to attach this much bandied about term to their Professional Status.

One reason for these diverse reactions could be that – the term has blurred in its meaning and different people assume different meanings – even if the dictionary provides a pretty straightforward – “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”

Most cases the entrepreneur is made out to be some kind of demi god. Somewhile ago I posted on this topic

Today chrisbrogan has a post in which he expresses his discomfort with this term.He calls it the E word. I guess it is somewhat like the difference between an actor and a star. The term “entrepreneur” is Glamorous.

so whether you want to called and entrepreneur or you don’t mind settling for the lesser term a small businessman – so just need to get on with the job of making your firm success. Let the audience decide on which plaque to give you.


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