Emotions and Career path

The DPS Maths teacher’s murder episode came to a tame end. There were too many clues and the identity of the culprit was a bygone conclusion.

A person well settled in his career threw it all away by choosing a very silly course of action. An HR professional to boot.

We could call it gory/macabre plot and use any of the other adjectives that go on to describe a murderer. But, it does appear that he was very angry and that seems to have clouded his thinking completely.

Lets move on. How often do we get clouded with our emotions and take an action which on hind sight looks absolutely stupid. I have made many such stupid decisions – not always out of anger. There are other equally powerful emotions which end up deciding our life path.

What could we do to move away from such – “emotional decision making”.

One definite aspect of emotions is that they blind us to the options available to us.
Love is blind but so are all the other emotions that arise out of our primate wiring.

The sad part is that our current educational system studiously avoids focusing on the emotional side of our beings.

It was as if a whole part of our psyche did not exist or did not need any discussion. so we have a large pool of secondary sources to mis-educate us about our emotional side. These sources are not structured and hence free to be interpreted any which way.

Wouldn’t awareness of our emotional makeup as a school student make it more worthwhile for any individual when he grows up. Awareness as in with a huge dose of acceptance – a non judge-mental awareness.

Being in tune with our emotional side and not merely reacting to it will help us perceive many more options to given situation. We might not box ourselves into a corner and let the emotions erupt.Which invariably has disastrous consequences. Like this episode has shown.


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