Linkedin Recommendations

Linkedin Chocolates

How do you respond when someone who happens to be in your LinkedIn Network mails you for a recommendation. You have never worked with him and have not known him beyond this tenuous link on the Linkedin.

How do you respond?

chrisbrogan has a few tips on one of his posts.

In fact he even shared a sample which I find quite useful. I have pasted it here –

Sample: I’m very thankful that you connected for a recommendation, and I appreciate the opportunity. I have some very tight rules about who I recommend online, and I just don’t feel comfortable endorsing you, as I don’t know enough about your work history or your reliability. You’re probably amazing, but I can’t provide my recommendation at this time. I’m sorry.

I use variations on this theme – kind-of a dumbed down version.

What is your take on this? How do you respond?


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