Work Life Balance

A discussion with a friend who is facing a skewed worklife balance triggered off this post.

What drives a Manager. Job Satisfaction , salary , what else ?

When all these are met – Considering all else things equal – the amount of time spent at work would be a key determinant of the – involvement the Manager has with his work.

At some level one reaches a tipping point beyond which there is likely to be frustration and disenchantment with the job. This tipping point might vary from person to person. Might be very high for a single / unmarried person. Might be quite the same for a person in an unhappy wedlock.

But, might be much lower for someone who has a family waiting at home.

Now that is something to thing about.

Effectively this “balance” is a call that each employee has to take. At some point he/she might feel the monetary and status gain that the job provides might not be compensating the lost connection with the family. Some people realize the importance of the family sooner and take corrective action.

some let it slide.


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