Spouse Menace

This was a case of an over zealous spouse.

One of my calls to a candidate happened to land with the wiser half. When I told her that I will call back later and talk to the Hubby – she expressed her interest in the details of the position. This turned out to be a pretty long conversation with questions and answers flying back and forth. Finally when I thought the interrogation session was over
Our Lady put me on a con call with her hubby.

Well I thought , W..O..W !! ….some woman. But, went ahead – discussed generally about the job and some specifics like his salary expectations etc. We ended the conversation with him agreeing to forward an updated version of his resume customized to the position we had.

But, it didnt end here..

After half an hour I get a call – this time directly from ” Our Lady “. All kinds of queries about the offered salary with an adamant insistence on increasing the salary expectation figure mentioned by the hubby .( Hubby had mentioned an expected salary which was on the lower reaches of the Salary mentioned by the client , but still nearly 50% over his current ctc, for manufacturing firms that is very much on the higher side) One gets the picture who ran the show here.

Well, I patiently explained I explain to her that salary range mentioned by the client is just one factor – the offered salary is ultimately dependent on his current CTC.

Our Lady was not in a mood to listen , and mentioned that she herself was from HR (a leading IT employer) and she understands how these things work.

It went back and forth and finally we had an uneasy settlement on the figure what the hubby mentioned initially. and to think that this was just a very preliminary discussion regarding the position.

Actually this is not the first time where I am coming across – interference from HR spouses – on issues relating to their spouses’ salary. I term it as interference because this cannot exactly be categorized as genuine concern for the hubby’s career progression. Meddling seems to be a better word.

It is fine to demand a high salary. No doubt. But, we need to keep in mind the industry norms. Trying to put pressure on your hubby to expect more to demand more – well you don’t need an HR qualification to do that.


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