Resume Tips

Resume Tips Resumes are such a fundamental document in the whole process of job search that any amount of print or bytes spent on this topic would be not enough.

Its like the sambhar rice. It is as old as the indian culture but still there are 100s of successful recipe books selling this recipe.

As one Hiring Manager mentioned – Resume is the only document – on which rests a candidates shortlist from amongst a 100 others. So , we are talking about a document which ultimately will fetch you an entry to an interview. Mind you it is not going to get you the Job. It will only get you an invite to the interview.

To that extent the resume plays a key role in Job Search – this point needs to be driven in.

Having said that I haste to add that a resume can only reflect the accomplishments and traits of the person behind it. But, that reflection can be the difference between a yeah or a Nay!.

I hope I have made my point regarding the importance of a resume.

So lets move on to a few tips on improving your resume :

    One Tip

Prepare your resume to get the interview.

That sounds simple. But I would request you to read the sentence again.

Your resume gets you an interview. Most folks write their resume assuming it would get them a job. Nooooo!!! it doesnt. it only fetches an interview.

Offcourse you are not among those folks.
Only some folks do that.

so what is the difference?

Well. If you are trying to get the job with your resume – you tend to stack it up with all kinds of irrelevant details – every possible little activity in your workplace gets placed on the resume.

As a recruiter I skim through a resume in about 5 secs . Maybe I am pulling a fast one – but you get the picture.

Time is of essence for me and for my client.

In the 5-10 secs available for your resume – the recruiter has to decide whether he takes it forward or moves on.

So write your resume with this in mind.

    Tip two.

Use simple 12 size font. Max go to 20 for your name if you feel its essential.

Some folks think that mentioning their names and sundry headings in 36 type font with moving ants around them for special effects – makes the resume more attractive.

Well it does make it attractive – to press delete.

Wake up buddy .

I would not move beyond the name if that was the case and so wouldnt my client.

Call me drab. But we are not here for special effects.

to be contd…..

I am planning to make Resume Tips a regular feature on this Blog. Today onwards every Wednesday will feature tips on improving your resume & making it savvier.


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