No kidding

Continuing with our series on Resume writing tips , heres the first one for today

Often, one comes across this line in resumes.
References available upon request.

Fact is that If you don’t include this line it you don’t loose anything – nobody will miss it. And if you do mention it – what do you gain? Except for some print to fill up space.

Btw,whom are you kidding ?

If you are appearing for a post and the employer wants some references – you are going to provide them. So Why this inane pronouncement.

Drop it. It wont be missed.

Second Tip for the day

Moving on similar lines – one would add – Don’t include irrelevant information.

Irrelevant info is anything that has got nothing to do with your job.

I guess most of us are smart enough to leave such data like our religio/political affiliations, and sexual preferences out of the picture. If you happen to have different leanings – the resume is not place to proclaim them.

Enough said.

Now what about Fathers/ Mothers name.

This is something that gets me stumped. How are these details going to be of help in fetching you an interview. Beats me.

Mind you I look at your resume purely from that perspective. Does that additional piece of info going to help in fetching you an interview? If yes, go ahead.

In this particular case ( fathers/mothers name) If you happen to drop this detail – I wont miss it. Promise.

Similarly details like how many siblings you have , the order of the siblings and your position in that order can all be disclosed during an interview-if necessary.

It is your “RESUME”- Keep it clean.


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