The simplest thing to do

The Better Resumes series

One of the simplest things to do is to create a resume for every position that you apply.

Now, this is easier said than done.

But, preparing your resume, in response to the job that you are applying for, will automatically leave out all the dross that one comes across in a general purpose resume.

But Sadly , the general purpose resume is very rampant.

And, I come across a significant resistance on the part of candidates to the suggestion of changes to their resume.

Its as if the resume had been engraved in stone.

As a candidate, you might be having your reasons, but it is so easy to get yourself eliminated by sticking to this philosophy.

Just yesterday We were working on a GM IR/Hr position with a heavy component of IR. I sent the profile of a candidate who had spent 15 + years in IR had all the relevant experience except that the last three years he was totally in HR and – this was key – the first page of his resume dwelt entirely on his current experience.

Well, did he get shortlisted ?


In this particular case I was quite surprised why he wasn’t shortlisted and rechecked his profile to realize where things could have probably gone wrong. After speaking with the client we arranged an interview. As of now he is in the final round.

So you see how easy it is to be left outside the gate. You are the best candidate of the
lot – but you dont even get to meet your prospective Employer.

Isnt that sad.

So, how much time would it take you to customize your resume based on the Job description given to you. Or just highlight your skills that are relevant. & Remove those parts which do not help your cause.

And would that time & effort be worth it.


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