Resume Gaps

This post is being repeated..

Recently we arranged a round of interviews for 3 candidates and it turned out that 2 out of the 3 guys fell short of client requirements due to gaps in their resume.

Some clients have a very clear and strict policy towards candidates who show gaps between their 12th and graduation degree.

Infact this is one of the resume problems which troubles many candidates.

Especially, if the gap is in your academics then getting through the policy barrier might be tough. Easier would be to forget that Company and move on to the next best. Very very rare would be the case where the candidate fell seriously ill and took gap in acads of 1 year.
Mostly it is people who go for a second attempt at the top Engineering institutes who suffer this ailment.

Now coming to the other more often occuring gaps of a few months to sometimes over a year. This is a very prevalent happening.

Some candidates opt to hide it in the resume and while at the interview reveal the gap and explain the reason for the same. Which is more or less acceptable because the interviewer will appreciate the effort to be

when the gaps in employment are only a few months it can be handled quite easily. Longer durations would need some proper packaging.

Infact best thing to do if you happen to find yourself in a Gap is to get enrolled in some course, preferably job related. At least you could say that you did your best to utilize the time and upgrade your skills. In-fact during the downturn – quite a few leading firms sent the people who were on bench to a sabbatical to do take up a post grad degree.
If they can do it , so can you. And your degree can be a good conversation starter.

So just in case you land yourself in a pretty longish Gap – a diploma or a degree can help you get back on track.

Whatever it is if you have a Gap/Hole in your resume – fairly acceptable ploy would be to
cover it with whatever skills available and discuss the details and the truth when meeting the recruiter or during the tele-call. Don’t let it stay there, hoping it wont be found out. Because , found out, it will be and then, you can see it all going down the drain.

The advice against not revealing these holes in the resume is coz, – well, recruiters hate these holes in time lines.


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