New Year So what ?

Well New Year took of great !! We rung in the New year with great pomp.
People were all excited..

But, then a minor incident happened which just left a sad taste.

This morning at my Neighbourhood Supermarket – I was pleasantly surprised as some of the staff wished me New Year as I walked in. they were all dressed in their best clothes – it looked very festive.

But as I was checking out another of the staff came in – all bubbly – but obviously late. And the Store manager immediately set off a tirade – in front of all other customers and the staff about the delay in reporting. I felt sad – how an otherwise pleasant ambiance that a customer would experience was spoiled by an over scrupulous adherence to rules.

I don’t know about the history of this staff’s late coming – and as a Manager even I have lost my cool over consistent delays in reporting.

But, I just felt that a Happy CSR even if he / she was late by half an hour was worth more for a customer than – someone who has been given an earful publicly.


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