Transit your Enthusiasm

I happened to read this phrase after quite some time – and immediately it rang a Bell.

This phrase forms a part of a larger para which goes like this :

My goal is to transit my enthusiasm, creativity & experience into a position, where I continue to provide the strategic and tactical leadership critical to retaining valued customers of an organisation. I am certain that my presence in your team will prove to be beneficial to your organisation.

This phrase and the para – filled with abundant eloquence has gone truly viral, atleast amongst the resume touting public in India.

A random search on the phrase turned up 3300+ responses with the para sometimes – completely pasted , in other cases reproduced in part.

Sometimes if not all copy/Paste has its pitfalls. You might wonder who holds the copyright to this phrase – he should feel proud – if you go by another phrase – imitation is the best form of flattery.

But, if he (the copy right holder) floated his resume with with this para included – his resume might be received with a little less enthusiasm – than if it were otherwise ( minus the para).


you guessed it – the line is no more an original – and there is just this tinge of untruth attached to it.

Guess what – googling this phrase – turned up quite a few linkedin profiles.

So, Beware – stay away from this phrase.


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