Spot Fixing

A candidate writes…

“During the recession of 2009 my company stopped paying me salary and eventually closed down. For nearly a year I was unable to get a break which I period I used to catch up on some over seas travel and some voluntary work. In due course I landed a job ( in July 2010) that paid much less than what I was earning. I tried renegotiating my salary now – but that is not working out. I tried looking out but the problem I face is that I am being turned down mentioning very low salary as a reason. I am in a fix.”

Bit of a Tight spot to be in.

This candidate had worked in some very good companies before the recession which made the situation that much more ironic.

the way I looked at was that there was no easy solution. I suggested a staged approach to getting out of this low salary fix.

First was to apply to some medium and small companies which would consider his low salary to be a bargain. In case he got into a good medium sized firm take it and continue and maybe – try renegotiating after 6 months or so. Or get the offer negotiate whatever increase is available 20-30% is the least you could manage. Continue looking and see if you can get a better offer in another firm. The market is really booming so this is the time to cash in when your services in real demand.

Plus, in your resume if you have used your non employed time to do some travel or whatever – display it on your resume. It is n-times better than saying i was taking care of my parents or getting married or some such.

Does it help?


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