Handling Defeat

There will be times in your career when we are handed defeat in some form. It could be – being looked over for a promotion; not getting the salary raise that you have been demanding for the past couple of years; or something even more serious like being fired from your job.

At these stages you are likely to feel dejected and depressed – unable to focus on what to do Next. There are a few things that you have to do to get out of the situation and move on. And all along one thing needs to be kept in mind – that this wont last forever – things will change – soon enough.

1. First thing to remember is to keep on moving forward. Keep putting one step after the other. Yes do take time to grieve, feel sad , pour it out to someone but give yourself a cut off – that i spend so much time in grief and that is it – then its time for a mood change – outlook change.

2. this would be a good time to shore up on your Positive thinking. Give a boost to your confidence – listen to motivational tapes, or go on a pilgrimage or just take a break away from work. Use the time to Introspect and Rebuild your confidence.

3. If you are unable to get over the dejection of defeat talk it out with a friend or partner or mentor. Speaking out can give a great feeling of relief and bring closure.

4. Finaly remember that getting up after a defeat is the key to becoming successful. so get up and get going – incorporate the learnings from the defeat into your preparations and lunge towards success.


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